I’ve been including synthesized vocals in my music recently. The last song I wrote was Hymn for the Polymorphic Goddess, and it incorporates some Google text-to-speech. I have no skill or interest in writing lyrics, so for this song I used the first few terms of a famous integer sequence. This fits the theme of a technological deity nicely, but won’t make sense for my other songs. I needed a new approach.

So I decided to write a program that would generate random poetry. It didn’t have to be any good, or make sense, just have the right rhythm. If…

A tasty treat for algorithm nerds

Slither link is one of my favorite pen and paper puzzles. It’s in the same genre as Sudoku, but I prefer it because it has a smoother difficulty curve as you solve it. You start with a grid of numbers like this:

The goal is to draw lines between the dots to form a single connected loop with no branches. Each numbered cell must have that many lines surrounding it.

Liam Appelbe

Code monkey, board game hoarder, aspirant skeptic

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